Fanello Industries, Inc. is dedicated to the achievement of being a world-class supplier of stamped blanks and component assemblies.

We strive to create and provide products and services at an extraordinary quality and value that exceed our customer's expectations.

Fanello Industries, Inc. has a background of success from building our company from the ground up. We see this as an important asset, to our company, and you, our valued customer. We understand the challenges businesses face in their day-to-day operation. We are able to identify opportunities for cost-reduction, inventory management as well as assist in the selection and securing of the materials you need that best fit what you need to accomplish.

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Fanello Industries Inc. was incorporated January 1, 1998. The company was formed to provide world-class stamped blanks and component assemblies to the Automotive, Lawn and Garden, HVAC and other metal industries needing precision parts. Since that time we have continually and carefully, expanded our capabilities and facilities in order to maintain our competitive position in the southeast metal industry.

2003 will mark the 3rd addition to our facility, adding 3 new press lines, a 40 ton crane, a 60,000 lb lift truck along with an additional 30,000 sq.ft. This expansion gives Fanello Industries nearly 100,000 sq.ft. of floor space and the tools it needs to consistently deliver world-class products and customer service.

Fanello Industries enjoys an established track record of innovative support and fanatical customer service. Dedicated to the local workforce, we will continue to advance and grow in future automotive and non-automotive marketplaces by using unique and effective manufacturing methodologies.

Thanks for your Business,

Vince Fanello