Georgia Quick Start has begun the next phase with Fanello Industries Inc., delivering business education classes to further enhance technical, communication and work skills of Fanello associates. Over the course of the next couple weeks Quick Start will be on sight with Fanello Industries going over such skill enhancements as communications, positive work ethic, coaching and problem solving. Previously Quick Start has taught classes on tow motor operation, press operations, overhead crane and Microsoft Office products.

Fanello Industries believes in continuing its employee education process. “In order to deliver superior customer service and maintain our current growth rate, we must support our workforce with training to fine tune current skill sets and provide appropriate training for our operations. Georgia Quick Start has given us that ability” said Pat Boyer, President Fanello Industries Inc.

Fanello Industries enjoys an established track record of innovative support and fanatical customer service. Dedicated to the local workforce, we will continue to advance and grow in future automotive and non-automotive marketplaces by using unique and effective manufacturing methodologies.