Georgia Quick Start has begun the next phase with Fanello Industries Inc., delivering business education classes to further enhance technical, communication and work skills of Fanello associates.
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Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education - Quick Start

Stamp of Approval
Fanello Industries, which makes stamped metal parts for industrial customers, is expanding operations at its manufacturing plant located in Lavonia in northeast Georgia. Since opening five years ago, Fanello has more than doubled its square footage. The plant now occupies 66,000 sq. ft. and is adding 25 jobs to its present team of 60 associates.
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Fanello Industries releases new web site

Lavonia, Georgia -- September 25, 2003 – Fanello Industries, Inc., a world-class stamped blanks and component assemblies for all automotive and non-automotive manufacturing facilities in the southeast, today announced an addition to its continuing Read the rest of this press release...